Altin Oil Barzgar Company

Manufacturer of a variety of products from edible oils, with the brands Delkesh, Laleh Zarrin, Blonde and Akan Atlin

Suitable for frying

Suitable for cooking

Suitable for salads

About Altin Oil Food Industry

Altin Roghan Barzgar Company was established in East Azerbaijan Province in 2017, with the objective of production, business development, job creation and entering into food industry. Since early years, the company planned to produce assorted products like types of edible oils, with the brand of Delkash, Laleh Zarrin, Blond, Akan Atlin and supplying raw material for food manufacturing industries.

The daily presence of the products of this company offers you the opportunity to enjoy more healthy and more delicious foods.

Delkash, the beat of life

Product features

Two-stage purification

Altin Roghan Barzgar products are refined twice to bring you maximum health.


Production of odorless and customer-friendly product using modern technology and quality raw materials, our commitment to you.

Cholesterol free

Producing a product without excess cholesterol is one of our benefits for the health and well-being of our compatriots.

Transparent packaging

The high quality of the product and the assurance of the production process eliminate the need for matte packaging to maintain the product.

Our features

Features that are important for consumers in choosing a product

Use of modern technology

The use of integrated technologies has significantly reduced energy consumption as well as high efficiency

Quality materials

Consumer satisfaction indicates the good quality of the company's raw materials and vegetable oils.

Attention to the health of consumers

The production of products such as double refining oil shows the company's special attention to the health of consumers.

Has a standard mark

All products of this company are produced with the approval of the Standards and Industrial Research Organization of Iran.

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